I use art to question.  I do not always discover answers that I find satisfactory.  With rare exception, answers beget more questions.

With my painting I am exploring the limitations of abstraction in an attempt to modify those boundaries in a way which challenges the historical rules without completely abandoning the theory behind it them.  I question why abstraction abhors depth of field. Is there a way that I can have a rendered subject in an abstract composition that is aesthetically balanced without the hierarchy seen in Surrealism? When does existing art theory stop functioning as a jumping off point and turn into a wall that is holding back advancement?  

My photography and performance art investigate the human condition.  I am interested in “us”. I do not mean that I am looking at geographic location or ethnic origins.  I am examining our emotional strengths, weaknesses, intellect, and capacity to change.  I want to know what we are capable of.  I question how we overcome obstacles whether they are emotional, intellectual, or physical.

Through the Flora is my latest, and ongoing, photographic project.  In it I am examining Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  I look at the characters individually to determine what personality trait is the most dominant throughout the play.  Specific to my investigation of us, I am examining what nuances Shakespeare wrote into each character that continues to attract modern audiences.  My photographs use the language of flowers in combination with the traditional Hawaiian haku lei as the expression of each character’s personality and roll.  Photoshop is employed to assist in the arrangement of elements as necessitated by a character’s personality or the unavailability of flowers that are needed as allegorical expressions.